Components of Food

Deficiency Disease, Improper Diet (Components Of Foods)

Deficiency Disease Improper Diet

Even though a person is eating enough food, occasionally the meal may not include all of the nutrients that person needs. The person may experience a deficit or Deficiency Disease, if this persists for a long time. In human bodies, deficiencies in one or more nutrients can lead to illnesses or problems.Deficiency diseases are illnesses … Read more



Our diet consists of the meals we typically consume each day. Our balanced diet should contain all the nutrients necessary for developing and preserving good health—the correct amounts of the nutrients that our body needs. Neither too much nor too little of either should be present. Water and roughage should both be present in sufficient … Read more

Components of Food


We consume several different dishes during the day, with lunch often consisting of rice and daal (lentils, veggies, and curd), and supper often consisting of fish curry. Breakfast frequently consists of bread omelets and milk. Eating offers us the power we need to function all day long, in addition to quieting the sound of our … Read more