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Can you name the different components of a banana plant that are eaten? 

Many plants include two or more edible segments. Mustard crops yield oil, while the leaves are used as a vegetable. 

Place a tiny amount of seeds in a jar filled with water and set it away for a day. Drain the water fully the next day and leave the seeds in the vase. Set them aside after wrapping them in a moist towel. 


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Food From Animal

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01 Milk  25% daily serving packed with vitamins and minerals 

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02 Eggs  high in protein and vitamin D 

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03 Meat  contains a lot of protein, vitamins, zinc, phosphorus, and iron. 

What Are The Food Sources?

Food sources are the various outlets that offer food for humans and animals to survive. Plants and animals are the primary sources of food on Earth. 

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FAQ Food From Plant

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What Makes Up Food’s Primary Ingredients?

How Do Animals Serve As A Vital Source Of Food?

What Exactly Are Plant-Based Foods?